Custom "Bender" Scallopcaster #1

Loaded with Hot Gold Lace Sensors

Listen to me playing this Strat...

This is a rather unique Strat with features that are really geared to my particular tastes in guitars. The neck is a Warmoth Maple/Rosewood combo with a full scallop. The Tuners are locking Sperzels. The body is a rather heavy solid maple in Olympic White. The pickups are genuine original prototype Hot Gold Lace Sensors. There is the 13k/13k bridge Dually, the 6k middle single, and the 6k/6k neck Dually. These are the final preproduction models that were approved by Don & Jeff Lace before going into retail production. The whole pickguard assembly was tweaked, designed and wired for me by Don Mare. It features 17 possible pickup combinations. Final touches include a Callaham steel tremolo block, Graph Tech saddles, and my own custom headstock decal.