1982 Fender Concert Amp

Loaded with a Weber VST Alnico California (P12CA) Speaker

Listen to me playing through my Amp...

This is my main amp, and it is NOT stock. The first mod was to upgrade the awful stock 12" speaker with an Alnico magnet Weber VST California. This speaker is a perfect match because it lets you hear the amp as it should be. There are no big peaks or valleys in the frequency response, just a nice big & smooth JBL-like tone. Next I had the circuit modified to get this raging overdriven tone. I used a kit that you can buy from Dan Torres that he designed for this amp. It's listed on his website at torresengineering.com. And finally I gave it a set of great tubes. The output tubes are a set of vintage Tung Sol "brown base" 5881 tubes. These are the tubes that really fatten-up when you crank 'em, and they give-it-up early as well. For pre-amp tubes I use vintage "smooth plate" Telefunken ECC83 tubes in the tone path. They give me some of the sweetest overdrive tones ever. Since the phase invertor is supposedly rather important to this Torres mod, I upgraded the 12AT7 to a GE "red-tip" Military spec JRC-5751. The entire package is what you are hearing in most of my recordings. And I included another recording here which is a good feature for this amp. It has two channels that were designed to be a clean/overdrive set, but I like to use them as a mid-gain/hi-gain set. The song (linked above) has five verses. Verses 1, 2 & 4 use the mid-gain Channel A, and verses 3 & 5 use the hi-gain Channel B. I switch between them with the stock footswitch. I love this amp so much, I got another one and had all the same mods done to it, but with a slightly different tube line-up